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$ 139.99

Penny Skateboards Hosoi Signature Nickel 27"

About the Hosoi Signature 27" Christian Hosoi, known for his raw dynamic style and approach to skateboarding brings his legendary graphic to the 27" Nickel skateboard. Featuring an epic graphic wrap and custom transparent griptape, the Hosoi Signature model is a must have for your Penny collectio...
$ 119.99

Penny Skateboards Hunting Season 22"

About the Hunting 22" The Hunting Season board draws inspiration from camo prints and hunting fashion, combining various shades of green with bright red wheels and bolts backing on to a dark green deck. The hunting board combines the fun and thrill of the duck hunt with the colourful graphics tha...
$ 119.99

Penny Skateboards Nickel Rasta 27" Cruiser

About the Penny Nickel Rasta The Penny Nickel 27” Skateboard is the big brother of the Penny Original 22”.  For those who appreciate a little extra plastic under your feet, this ticks all the boxes. Featuring our secret plastic formula, this Penny Nickel 27” is matched with Custom 4” raw Penny tr...
$ 99.99

Penny Skateboards Original Hoverboard Glow in the Dark 22" Cruiser

About the Penny Original 22" Hoverboard - Glow in the dark The Penny Original 22” Skateboard embodies what Penny is all about – fun, freedom & the highest quality components possible.  Featuring our secret plastic formula, this Penny Original 22” Glow in the dark deck is matched with Custom 3...
$ 99.99

Penny Skateboards Original Ready Red 22" Cruiser

About the Ready 22" People will STOP when they see this all Red 22" Penny Skateboard. If red is your color, this is for you! This Red Penny Original 22” is matched with Custom 3” Red Penny trucks, Red 59mm 78A super smooth Penny wheels, and Penny Abec7 bearings. Are you ready for it?
$ 135.99 - $ 159.99

Sector 9 Savage Cruiser Complete Skateboard

SAVAGE COMPLETE Style: MS156C ColorType: BLUCruisers are nice all, but sometimes you just want to pop and ollie or tear up a curb. When your inner animal takes over like that, it helps to have more of a nose and some decent concave to lock you in and make that happen. You don't want to ignore th...
$ 149.99

Sector 9 Taser Complete Cruiser Skateboard

TASER COMPLETE Style: MS154C ColorType: ASTWe wanted to make an 80's pig shape, but kept making it narrower and narrower until it just wasn't a pig anymore. It rides the way we wanted it to though which is more important. While terrorizing the neighborhood on your Taser, you can imagine yourself...