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Electric Lens Guide

Electric Lens Guide

Pairing the right lens tine with varying weather conditions is crucial for optimizing visibility and comfort. From low light cloud cover to bluebird sunny days, Electric has a lens option for every occasion.



Visual light transmittance, or VLT, is the amount of visual light transmitted through the lens. VLT percentage is directly proportional to the amount of light transmitted through the lens. A lower VLT percentage allows less light to pass through the lens making a darker tint more suitable for sunny conditions; a higher VLT percentage allows increased amounts of light through the lens making this tint more suitable for low light conditions.



The lens category indicates the amount or light transmission by the lens. Categories range from 0-4. Category-0 lenses are either transparent or slightly tinted, most suitable for night wear. Category-4 lenses are very darkly tinted and recommended for extremely bright light conditions.