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GNU Frontdoor Bindings 2015

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Frontdoor Bindings 2015


Gnu Bindings lightweight, performance and strength in a new Conventional Entry Option! Sit down, relax and buckle up…Mt Weird is calling you!

Weird Science


New for the 2014/2015 winter season!

FT-2 Highback

Cored for lightweight and tuned flex. Soft Top pad encloses top edges of highback to eliminate all pressure points that occur on most models.

FT-4 Baseplate

The wedge design creates a predictable yet lively response. Transmits input with precision to get you and your board where you need to be.

Asym. Ankle Strap

Aysmmetric Inverted Tri-Panel - Tuned support and mobility. Added lateral support and increased medial mobility.

Rollover Toe Straps

Oversized surface area for extra stability and control. Compression window allows shape to conform to your boot.

EVA Foam Footbed

Full EVA foam footbed with full cushion from heel to toe.

Flex: Medium

Response: All Around

Terrain: Groomers (All Mountain)

Size: Medium (US M 7-9), Large (US L 9-11)