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Primitive Bastien Salabanzi Gold Lion Skateboard Deck

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Update your tech game with responsive pop from a slight concave shape and a shining gold Bastien Salabanzi lion graphic for eye-catching style.

Bastien Salabanzi Gold Lion signature deck from Primitive Skateboarding. Available in 3 sizes.

We will add a free sheet of Concrete Wave Logo griptape to all deck orders.  Jessup is $5 extra.

Primitive Skateboarding is led by Pro Paul P-Rod Rodriguez, Nick Tucker and Bastien Salabanzi as well as Am Carlos Ribeiro. P-Rod launched the brand in 2014 after leaving Plan B Skateboards to be a different kind of skateboard company that does more to support its riders. P-Rod is well known for the Street League tour, X-Games as well as skating just about anywhere with anybody.

Note: Desired skateboard width can vary based on skate style, body size and individual preference. But in general, 7"-7.9" widths work great for younger skaters, street skaters or those needing a board that is easier to maneuver for tricks. The 8"-9" width are great for jumping off tall objects, larger skaters, skate filmers, vert/ramp skating or cruising.

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